Spindles, Doffers & Moistener Pads

Maintenance 101

R. M. King Company is proud to provide some of the best parts in the industry.  We make an extreme effort to ensure that these products are top of the line. Quality is always the number one priority so our customers can buy our highly competitive parts without hesitation.

There are three main parts to every cotton picker head; spindles, doffers and moistener pads.  Even if the machine does not receive a complete overhaul, these parts need regular attention because they are the work horse for the entire harvester. R.M. King Company manufactures each of these items for both John Deere & Case machines.


We have the longest running spindle manufacturing facility in the world.  It is currently one of the few spindle manufacturers worldwide.  When superior wearability is required, R.M. King Company’s Extra Chrome Spindle is a perfect fit.


R.M. King Company was the first to introduce the polyurethane doffer to the industry. It was instrumental to the development of the product we now have today. Through the years, the doffer has been further refined to be the premium product it now is.

Moistener Pads

Similarly, the polyurethane moistener pad is of superior quality.  The formula and manufacturing process has been fine tuned over the years and tested in the field. 

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