Company History



1953 - Repair work is offered from a panel truck

1956 - A facility is rented and the first complete overhaul is offered

1964 - The first R.M. King line of parts are manufactured

1967 - A partnership begins manufacturing spindles

1977 - Reinhardt’s second son Drake joins the company

1979 - Reinhardt’s eldest son Doug joins the company

1980 - R.M. King Company introduces poly urethane doffer into the industry

1982 - R.M. King company acquires sole ownership of spindle manufacturing plant

1990 - Reinhardt’s eldest daughter joins the company

1997 - Chrome plating facility begins plating R.M. King spindles

2005 - Drake’s second son Jordan joins the company

2007 - Jordan’s wife Sharon joins the company

Family owned and operated since 1953

This year marks R.M. King Company’s 60th year of business.  Thank you for the support and loyalty through the years.  We recognize that it is our customers who keep the business growing.  We believe that each employee is part of a team and everyone has an important role to play. It is the team that is the true value of the company. We look forward to the next 60 years!

R.M. King

Mr. King’s original occupation was in accounting; however, after German prison camp confinement during WWII he knew that he could not spend his days behind a desk.  So Reinhardt M. King, or Reiny as many called him, spent the years after the war in business with his brother running an aluminum and brass foundry.  Then in the early 1950’s, he moved his family from the cold winters and humid summers of Minneapolis, Minnesota to Fresno, California. 

With cotton being one of California’s largest crops, it was not long before Reiny found work in that industry.  Following the introduction of mechanical cotton harvesters in the late 1940’s, the need arose for knowledgeable mechanics to service these machines.  During the first few years of business, Reiny served the industry by working out of a panel truck.  Business increased and a repair shop was opened. 
By 1956, the first complete picker head overhaul was offered.  As the overhaul business grew, the need for a quality line of aftermarket parts arose.  To stay competitive, R.M. King Company began manufacturing replacement parts for cotton pickers in 1967.  By 1979 both of Reiny’s sons, Doug and Drake, joined the company.  Doug took on the responsibility of manufacturing while Drake took on management of the repair facility. In 1990 Reiny’s eldest daughter, Jeanine, started at the company and recently, Drake’s son Jordan and daughter-in-law Sharon joined the operation making it a third generation company. Today, R.M. King Company offers a complete line of replacement parts for John Deere and Case IH cotton pickers in addition to its picker head overhauls.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you with whatever your cotton picker needs may be.

Drake King

Reinhardt & Doug King

Reinhardt & Mary Louise King

Reinhardt King

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