Grease Test

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A difference you can see


The most common cause of premature wear on picker bar parts is a lack of grease.  It is especially difficult to get sufficient grease to the lower section of the bars.  While the bearings are vital to the function of the bar, they are the main culprit in limiting grease flow to the bottom of the bars.  R.M. King Company has addressed this issue in its proprietary grease bearing.


After a year and a half of design development, we have provided a simple and effective solution. The R.M. King’s proprietary bearing KJD8804G has grease holes which allows grease to easily flow to the bottom of the bar. In addition to the grease holes, this bearing is a caged needle bearing.  This is higher quality and more reliable than the failure prone full-compliment bearings. Finally, these bearings are manufactured by INA, who is well known in the bearing industry for their superior quality.  The bearings extend life of the bar parts, save money and decrease downtime in the future. The Grease Kit is automatically installed as part of an R.M. King Company overhaul.


Grease will take the path of least resistance as it flows through the machine.  As the grease is pushed down the bar, pressure is increased as the grease passes through the first bearing.  With each consecutive bearing, the pressure is increased further. By the time the grease gets past to first few bearings, the pressure required to pass the remaining bearings becomes greater then the pressure required to pass the thrust sleeve and thrust washer
.  This results in the grease being pushed out the top of the bar. It is a common misperception that when grease comes out the top of the bar, the bar is full of grease. The holes in the grease bearings allow grease to flow through at a lower pressure.  The result is easier flow for grease to reach the bottom of the bar. 

Grease Test

To demonstrate the benefits of the grease kit, we ran a test of two bars side by side.  While viewing through the plexi glass side, it quickly becomes clear which bar contains the grease kit and which one is a standard bar. A video of the simulation is available for viewing by clicking on the video link to the left or click here.


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