Automatic Changes

The first time R.M. King Company overhauls a cotton picker head it takes longer than the average overhaul.  This is because there are a number of one time improvements which are added to a machine.  These improvements help increase picking efficiency and prolong the life of the machine. 

Known Fixes

Some of the common issues which are automatically addressed during an R.M. King Overhaul include:

  1. Grease does not reach bottom of picker bar

  2. Plastic grease manifold cracks and breaks

  3. Sun gear can drop down and destroy cam arms and bars

  4. Bottom of bar wears from pushing dirt out of drum

  5. Difficult to grease entire unit while in the field

  6. Wear holes in base plate

  7. Top plate cracking around transmission

  8. Sub plate cracking around idler gear hole

  9. Transmission leaks oil after ratcheting

  10. Gearbox being properly ventilated

  11. Moistener stand bends too easily

  12. Idler gear hex hole wallows out

  13. Bolts on aluminum hub bend and break

  14. Doffer drive shaft spacer rusts to shaft

  15. Doffer drive spacer damages bearing

  16. And more

Simply Better

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Every mechanical machine has strengths and weaknesses.  The weaknesses of a machine usually go undetected during the manufacturing process.  It is not until the machine has been in use that these defects become apparent.  As an overhauler, R.M. King Company is among the first to see the weaknesses in the different models.  This knowledge is then used to improve upon or fix the problem by changing the design of a part or manufacturing a new part that will provide the needed support.

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