We don’t just sell parts,
we manufacture parts!

Our manufacturing building is located on the same property as our repair facility right here in Fresno, California. We also have our own chrome plating facility a few miles away where we chrome plate our spindles to ensure the highest quality parts possible. Almost all of our parts are U.S. made.  It is also important to us to make every effort to purchase U.S. based raw materials.

The mission for RMK brand parts is to manufacture aftermarket parts at the same quality as the OEM product and in some cases better at a lower price. 

We provide aftermarket parts for both John Deere and Case IH cotton picker headers. We maintain a healthy stock of all our parts to ensure we can support our customers in the timeframe they need.

R.M. King Company was founded in the early 1950’s by Reiny doing basic maintenance on cotton pickers. It quickly became a full service shop for cotton picker headers. Reiny, R.M. King decided early on he needed to secure quality aftermarket parts to use in his repairs. In 1967 he began manufacturing cotton picker spindles. Since those early days, R.M. King Company expanded its manufacturing to produce a full line of parts.

Our customers can have confidence in our parts because every part we manufacture is used in our own repair facility. Any flaw in the material, specifications or wearability will be noticed immediately by our own mechanics using the product. In addition, because of our overhauls and part sales, our parts are widely used and have proven quality. We use the intimate knowledge from our repairs in the parts we manufacture to ensure effectiveness and quality. Everyday we see the problem areas of the header unit. We then use that information in the development of each part we manufacture. Similarly, all the parts we source for our customers are selected by the specifications to get the best possible performance. For more information about our parts and distribution see our Parts and Modifications pages here.

R.M. King Company is proud to provide some of the best quality parts in the industry. The three main parts to every cotton picker are the spindles, doffers and moistener pads. Due to the essential nature of these specific parts in picking cotton, it is vital they receive regular attention. R.M. King Company manufactures and supplies these items for both John Deere & Case IH machines. We have the longest running aftermarket spindle manufacturing facility in the world. When superior wearability is required, R.M. King Company’s Extra Chrome Spindle is a perfect fit. In the early 1980’s, R.M. King Company was the first to introduce the polyurethane doffer and moistener pad to the industry. Through the years, the doffer and moistener pad have been further refined to be the premium products they are today. We believe these three items to be of the highest quality in the industry. 

R.M. King Company serves its customers with quality parts around the world. No matter where a customer is located, R.M. King Company can help with their cotton picker header needs. Individuals and companies who are interested in our products or services are encouraged to contact us. 

International and domestic part sales are welcome!

Shipments depart from our facility daily to any desired location. This includes our international customers. We have been handling international shipments for over 30 years. No matter where you are located, we will get your parts to the destination required as quickly as we can to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

To see the range of parts we provide please reference our catalogs here. For new customers, we also have a few of our key items available on our online store here. We encourage repeat customers to establish an account for improved pricing and billing terms.