R.M. King Company is in the business of overhauling cotton picker header units and the manufacturing of replacement parts. Our repair and manufacturing facilities are located in Fresno, CA, in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, which is widely known for its agriculture. 

Since we specialize in the overhaul and the repair of spindle pickers, we have designed and built customized machines and tooling that assist us in accomplishing all repairs efficiently and affordably. We use this to offer the most complete overhaul available in the industry and after almost 70 years of experience we have this repair work down to a science. Using our historical data, we are able to offer a single labor charge based on the make and model of the machine. For more details please see our Repair page here. 

In addition to the repair shop, we have a manufacturing facility that specializes in making cotton picker parts. We use the intimate knowledge gained from our repairs to aid in the development and manufacturing of parts for all model machines. Similarly, any of the parts we outsource are selected from those who can provide the quality required to give the best possible performance. For more information about our parts and distribution click here.